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Why This Movement?

The #NOfreedesignmovement exists because creativity deserves respect. In a world where design is often undervalued, our movement stands as a beacon for change, advocating for the rights of designers to be fairly compensated for their talent and hard work. This movement challenges the norm of unpaid work and spec projects, highlighting the value of design in our society. We believe in a future where every creative professional is recognized and rewarded appropriately, fostering a culture that respects and nurtures artistic innovation. “Why this movement?” Because the art of design is a profession, not a favor.

Fair Compensation and Treatment

are the standard with transparent and equitable payment practices being adopted industry-wide.

Sustainable Careers

in design are attainable for all, free from exploitation and financial precarity.

Education and Awareness Thrive

leading to a universal understanding of the value of design and the eradication of spec work and unpaid internships.

Collaboration and Respect

between clients and designers are grounded in mutual understanding and appreciation of the design process.


Forge a Sustainable Future for Creativity Now!

Join us to shape a fair future for designers. Your involvement truly makes a difference! Together, our voices and actions can positively change the industry.

  • Post your support with #Nofreedesignmovement on social platforms.

  • Stop undervaluing your work—no more free designs.

  • Share this movement with friends and continue the fight for our future.


Your support aids our ongoing work in education, legal advocacy, and operational effectiveness for designers’ equitable compensation. Remember, nothing in our journey to become professionals today came free; let’s fight for a sustainable future for all creators.

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