What is F-IND

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At F-IND, we are a vibrant hub for designers and creatives, united by the #NOfreedesignmovement’s vision. Here, innovation thrives in a community committed to fairness and ethical practices. We provide a space for connection, growth, and shared learning, fostering a culture where fair compensation and sustainable creativity are the norm. Our mission, in line with the #NOfreedesignmovement, is to lead the way in shaping a fairer, more sustainable future for all creatives. Join us at F-IND in this transformative journey.


Crafting Tomorrow’s Creative Ecosystem

As Ed Mun, the force behind S.U.A, my vision for F-IND is a thrilling rally cry for change in the design world. I see it as a groundbreaking movement, where we champion not just creativity, but also the rights and values of every designer. F-IND is our stage to ignite a revolution in ethical practices and fair compensation. It’s more than a platform; it’s a crusade to transform the industry, making it a vibrant, just, and sustainable arena for all creatives to thrive and innovate.


Global Mission

F-IND’s mission is to foster ethical, fair, and sustainable practices in the design industry globally. It focuses on ensuring designers are fairly compensated and can work in an ethical and eco-friendly environment. F-IND provides a collaborative platform for designers to express their ideas and work towards a more equitable and healthy industry.

  • To empower creative designers with the voice they need and address issues that arise in the creative communities, such as the unethical business practices of providing free designs.

  • To cultivate meaningful relationships and foster a structured, positive, and professional environment for everyone in the creative design industry.

  • To collectively contribute to a fairer, more inclusive and sustainable future for all.



F-IND’s strategic initiatives focus on empowering creatives and advocating for fair industry standards. These actions include:

  • Community Access

    Establishing networks and forums for creatives to collaborate, share ideas, and support each other.

  • Global Outreach

    Extending support and resources to designers worldwide, ensuring a broad impact.

  • Advocacy for Fair Practices

    Promoting fair compensation and ethical business models in the design industry.

  • Sustainable Design Education

    Providing resources and training on eco-friendly and socially responsible design practices.

  • Policy Influence

    Working towards influencing policies and standards that protect and benefit designers.

  • Our Core Values

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  • Fairness

    To cultivate a culture of justice for the creative industry.

  • Humanity

    To offer support when considering the hardships faced by talent.

  • Economy

    To encourage a reservoir of wealth among the creative circles of different nations.

  • Empowerment

    To return autonomy to the professionals seeking to be seen and heard.

  • Solidarity

    To achieve camaraderie from the shared goals of our collective of creatives.

  • Sustainability

    To establish a healthy ecosystem for all creatives around the rules of engagement.

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