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In the design world, creativity is abundant but not always fairly rewarded. The #Nofreedesignmovement was born out of a necessity to challenge these industry norms that too often undervalue designers’ work. We stand against the tide of unpaid internships, speculative work without compensation, and the overall exploitation that stifles creative growth. By joining the #Nofreedesignmovement, you become part of a collective force pushing for a seismic shift towards ethical practices where respect and fair compensation are standard for all designers.




Challenging Industry Norms

The #Nofreedesignmovement is a forward-thinking global initiative held together by creative minds. An evolved breed of professionals big on exercising our right to voice and choice, we deliver a diverse palette of industry perspectives aimed championing the causes that directly affect our tribe of talent. From artists to designers to architects to content producers to writers, we are an eclectic and energetic collective with heightened sensibilities. A worldwide phenomenon of shared knowledge and opinions, we offer a unified platform that studies the plights faced by our communities from various disciplines. By nature troubleshooters, we are solutionists with a firm grasp of the issues requiring full attention.

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Member Benefits

Community Access

Connect with fellow creatives in our exclusive members-only forum. Here, you can engage in meaningful discussions, network with peers, and exchange ideas that can lead to collaborative opportunities and personal growth.

Resource Library

Elevate your projects with our curated selection of resources and downloads. From templates to industry reports, our library is constantly updated to provide you with the tools you need to succeed.

Career Guidance

Whether you’re starting out or looking to scale new heights in your design career, our guidance programs offer personalized advice, mentorship, and insights to help you navigate the professional design landscape with confidence.

Mental Health Support

Prioritize your well-being with our mental health resources. Connect with global industry professionals who understand your challenges and can offer support and strategies to maintain a healthy, balanced professional life.

Advocacy and Legal Support

We stand with you. Gain access to legal resources and advocacy support tailored to protect your creative rights, ensuring you can practice your craft with the assurance that your work is safeguarded.

Collective Bargaining Power

There’s strength in numbers. As part of our movement, you contribute to a powerful collective voice that advocates for fair compensation and ethical industry standards.

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It’s time to transform our industry. Your skills, your art, and your vision deserve recognition and fair value. Here’s how you can take action:


Raise your voice and showcase your support by using the hashtag #Nofreedesignmovement. Let’s make our presence felt across every platform.


Embrace the worth of your creativity. Pledge to stop undervaluing your skills — no more free designs.


Share the vision and mission of the #Nofreedesignmovement with your friends and colleagues. The larger our community, the stronger our impact.

Together, we're not just designers; we're pioneers of change. Let's unite and continue the fight for a future where our work is right-fully valued.

Join us now and be part of the movement shaping a fairer future for all creatives.

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